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CORPORATE:  Learning from the best

The unique approach used by Business Champions in people performance improvement interventions is based upon extensive research into how top performers in other professions such as sports and the performing arts achieve success and consistency of performance. In addition, the processes and systems used by Business Champions have been extensively tested across a variety of industries, roles and functions, particularly in client acquisition and retention roles.

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Top salespeople rarely make top sales managers.

This finding is borne out by nearly all of the other professions we have examined. The skills required to be a good sales manager are totally different to those need by top salespeople. For example top salespeople are generally either driven by a desire to achieve personal success or to primarily satisfy the needs of their customers (the best are driven by the latter). Top managers (those that exist for the long haul) are driven to improve others. They are motivated by the success of team members.

There are numerous other differences we can share with you at some other time!

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