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The customised specialist services we provide to credit unions are totally people orientated focusing on:


a) FACILITATING CHANGE – by management, staff and volunteers. Nowadays, change is a constant in business generally, and it is obvious that if we keep doing the same things, we can’t expect a different result. But change is difficult for us all, and it takes effort, leadership, patience, tools and processes to embed new behaviours, and a new performance environment. We'll help you move from theory to reality by making sure that your investment in training and education are transferred to the workplace.


Credit unions operate within a tight set of legislative rules, and in addition to these rules there are certain procedures that need to be followed. If you want everyone else in the credit union to be going in the same direction as you, then perhaps you need to provide them with a road map and a set of instructions in how you expect them to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the future.


B) PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – from recruitment, through induction, through ongoing development. We will ensure that you are complying with HR legislation whilst at the same time maximizing the potential of the workforce. We will help you equip people to perform at their best in their current roles (in management / team leadership or in specific member services roles), and to accommodate succession planning for future needs.


Where to from here?


In summary, there are 4 key elements to the services we offer – 3 of which (HR Solutions; Learning & Development; and Member Care) in our experience - reflect best practice in creating a culture of continuous improvement in people performance in a service delivery environment.

The 4th service (Merger Management) is obviously specific to credit union mergers.

We believe that there are a number of significant elements to success in member service delivery, namely:


  1. How the member acquisition & retention services functions are organised and managed

  2. How people are recruited and developed to fulfil these roles

  3. The design of the services process / process(es) (there may be more than one)

  4. The training of managers / team leaders / team members is using the process(es)

  5. Implementation and consolidation of the training into the front line, and

  6. Continuous improvement through coaching,


Our work is based around an approach that:

  • produces increased success now, and

  • does not create a dependency on us, but rather helps to create a culture & environment of continuous improvement into the future.

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