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SME:  Challenges and Opportunities

Growth in our economy over recent years, and ongoing forecasts, indicate that the future for business in generally positive.  However the following are areas you need to pay particular attention to;


  • Your Sales Process. You won’t sell more if you don’t have a customised Sales Process. It needs to constantly bring in new business and not just in one or two markets. We need to sell into a range of different markets to reduce our dependency on a single market and to broaden our customer base.

  • Your Staffing. You need to have contracts of employment that suit the needs of your business. Employing people is expensive! When you are employing someone, you need to know what contractual options are out there so that you can grow or contract your staffing to fit your specific needs.

  • Your Time Management. Business owners and General Managers need to create a business that isn’t overly dependent on them. Owners / General Managers should primarily be involved in selling and looking after key customers. If the business doesn’t work when you’re not there, then you have a problem. What happens if you get sick? Do they have to phone you when you are on holiday’s, just to get a decision?  It’s not healthy for you and it’s not healthy for the business.

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